somehow i completely missed the boat on sharing pictures from our trip to disney when joseph came home last month. here's some of the best. happy tuesday!



somehow, these are some of the only images i have from new york this past week from my actual camera. am i the only one that does that? takes a trip and gets so caught up, they forget to take pictures? i hope not! i really need to get better at it, seeing as how i always regret not taking as many as i wanted when i get home. anyways! i really loved new york... despite the fact that it was hot, muggy, and usually smelly, i really loved the city. maybe it was the location that we were staying in and not really having a main source of transportation to get around, other then our feet, but i really wish i could have seen the non-touristy side of things. maybe one day i'll be able to take a trip back with joseph and hallie! we'll see. i have a feeling i would miss the trees if i lived there... a lot. really what i'm asking is if any of you new yorkers want to let my family and i come stay in your house for free, because i'm already feeling the itch to take a trip back to the big apple. have a great wednesday!



after 6 days of fun and a 5 hour delayed flight, i am home from blogher 2012. (i almost put that as a hastag in this post.) i am so happy that i decided to go this year and had the best time! i really think i found a whole new love for blogging while i was there, and that means that you should be seeing a lot more of me around these parts now. i'm so happy to get back into the swing of things! i'll be back tomorrow with a huge update, as soon as i can get caught up on sleep. hope you guys had a great week! xo.

p.s. for a sneak peek of the fun that was had, here are these jess and i took on the last night:



yes people, you read that right... we are in fact alive. after j-bird coming home last monday, our trip to orlando, him leaving yesterday, AND leaving for blogher in just a couple of days, my whole body is in overdrive and i'm so thankful for the time that i have right now to just sit and relax. while i've been sitting and relaxing, i've had the time to look back at some of my instagram pictures from the last week and wanted to share them with you guys. hope you're all doing well!