i was tagged by lovely jessica for an 11 things post! woop!

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1. i absolutely love watching tv! (mainly the really trashy "reality" tv shows that are so unrealistic.) our dvr is full of nothing but the bachelor, pretty little liars, and teen mom 2. luckily, my husband actually likes watching these shows too even though he would never admit it!

2. i really hate public speaking. i remember in high school when we had to read things in front of the class my voice would get so shaky people would ask if i was crying. but for some reason, i really love meeting new bloggers and vlogging!

3. this probably isn't news to anyone, but i am addicted to instagram and twitter. 

4. j and i both really want to live in a high-rise apartment in the city one day. one of the ones that just have windows everywhere looking out on the city, even if it's just nothing but buildings and cars!

5. i really love mashed potatoes.

6. i have a problem when it comes to doing my nails. i change the color almost every day.

7. my favorite color is yellow.

8. i really wish that there was some sort of bloggy island that we all lived together. can you imagine if all of our kids got to play together every day?!

9. i love taking pictures. absolutely love it! if i thought i was remotely good at it, i would love to be a photographer. taking and editing pictures of people all day sounds amazing to me!

10. queen is my all-time favorite band.

11. i'm an only child. (but i did gain 2 brothers and a sister when i married joseph.)


1. who's your #1 celebrity crush?:
it's a 3-way tie between adiran grenier, jesse bradford, and jesse williams! there's no way i could ever choose between them.

2. what's your zodiac sign?
i'm a libra!

3. do you feel your age?
not at all! i'm only 21. having hallie so early, i went into a completely different mindset than every other 21 year old that i know. i feel way more like i'm 30!

4. if you already have a kid(s) - do you want more?
yes! j and i want at least 2 more kids. and to be honest, we want them now. unfortunately, we know that it's not the right timing and we need to be much more stable in our lives! me move back and finish my schooling, joseph getting out of the navy and getting a career, there's a lot of factors... but we still both say if we won the lottery tomorrow, we would get preggers right then!

5. which move character (not the star playing them!) do you think you're most like?
oh man... this is a toughie! i honestly have no idea. someone pick one for me!!

6. what's your favorite cocktail ever?
i love me a good strawberry margarita!

7. if you could trade places with any blogger for a week, who would it be?
probably taza. i just think her little family is so adorable and she looks like she leads such an awesome, simple life!

8. could you have ever been a contestant on fear factor?
haha, maybe in the shows first season when they didn't really know what they were doing! but now? no way! i feel like every challenge is just about sticking some kind of disgusting thing in your mouth.

9. are you a morning or night person?
a little bit of both! i usually stay up late most nights, and then i've never had a problem getting up with hallie the next morning. but maybe it's just because of her cute little face!

10. where do you see yourself in 5 years?
well... joseph will definitely be out of the navy and we'll most likely be living in georgia. i'll be a dental hygiene assistant. we'll hopefully be in our dream home? we'll have more babies! and hallie will be almost 8. OMG! let's not talk about this.

11. if you had to live in a reality tv show, which would it be?
one of the ones where it just documents your lives! and things end up being funny and dramatic just because it's you. i feel like our little family could do that now, haha!


1. what is the one thing that makes you the happiest?
2. what are your favorite names for little girls? boys?
3. if you had one day completely to yourself and money was no obstacle, what would you do?
4. tell me something that i (and your readers) may now know about you!
5. what's your favorite color?
6. what is one thing that you absolutely love about yourself?
7. what's your all-time favorite blog?
8. what would your "last meal" be?
9. what would be your ideal state to live in?
10. what's your biggest online pet peeve?
11. anything else you'd like to share?! :) 


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larisaa said...

Your hair is amazing. And good choice with Taza. E has got to be the cutest little thing.

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